Institute For Co-operatives & Community Economic Development

Our Business Is To Build Sustainable Communities Through Cooperatives...


To drive sustainable communities, we provide research, trainings, technology and innovation.


We help communities establish their own financial institution to finance their own industries.


Guide communities to utilize their own assets to establish their own industries for further development.


Set up markets and distribution centres that are able to provide for themselves

Our Story

In ICCED’s quest to assist government shift budget from consumption to production and reduce over-dependency of poverty-stricken families on government handouts, we create exit for public employment programmes beneficiaries as well as TVET Colleges and Universities graduates through co-operatives ICCED is a non-profit company built on the strong principles of people-centred and people-driven. We position co-operatives as catalysts for building local economy and strong relationships between municipalities by adopting our Co-operatives- Based Community Economic Development Model to the District Development Model.

Included in our training programmes are the principles of Masakhane Campaign, to instil a cultured community responsibility and ownership which builds cohesive and resilient communities. We assist government to intervene on poverty in a developmental approach to enable unproductive poverty-stricken to become productive instead of remaining passive beneficiaries of government institutions.

Partnership Approach in Training and Development of Cooperatives

ICCED facilitates the establishment of sustainable communities through strategic partnerships between communities, progressive institutions and companies in sharing their expertise and technologies with communities in a non-exploitive manner.

We co-ordinate and manage stakeholders to create a stable environment for government, developmental agencies, communities and traditional leaders to share a common perspective of developing underdeveloped communities using a bottom-up approach.